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Cooler Sprayer
Name Cooler Sprayer-L8
Function / Specification


Effectively cooling down the temperature / Landscape garden or architecture / Used for coffee shop, restaurant, factory, garden, warm room or any outside environment


1.     Auto-release pressure function and auto shut off function avoid the sprayer leaking and blocking

2.     2-Stage controller for setting the spray period

3.     24Hr timer (Spray every 15 mins a time)

4.     2 stages pre-filter can remove chlorine and harmful materials. Pre-filters also protect the pump and spray’s life.

5.     Easy to install.

6.     With preventing electric leakage installation


Voltage110V / 220V (Optional)

Input PSImore than 10 PSI

Input condition: Hardness is under 300 PPM; If hardness is 300-500 PPM, the filters need to be replaced more often

Pressure of spray: 15-18 KG

Timer24H Power control, 10 seconds-6mins spray a time. It is available to set the timer depends on your preference.